About Me

Joseph-BinocularsI was born and raised in Hephzibah, Georgia. After being in several local locations for short periods of time I currently
live in the general Augusta area.

My family has a Mennonite background, and heritage, and that was how, I was raised. After joining the church,” I for myself” grew tired of the religious faction in which I found myself. After being nothing, and at times atheistic in mind-set, I finally was led to the Truth.

An individual I met from work invited me to a United Pentecostal church which follows: Baptism in Jesus name, a separate in-filling of the Holy Ghost, and speaking in an unknown tongue. While still far from being Christ-like, I praise God that I have now what I do, vs. being in a miserable religious experience. Regardless of the latter I do appreciate the moral standards that my upbringing included.

Everyone, and not only including me, has limitations. Most, however, being “normal”, tend not to think of it in this matter. For example, I would rather have my nerve condition, than someone who is an otherwise capable person that has migraines often.

Growing up on a farm with little financial reward, led me to realize I was not cut out for that sort of hard work. As a Geek who is very much into computer related careers, I now literally spend hours at my desk. Be it troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking, I sometimes need to force myself to go relax, and have some “other types of fun”.

Although the previous has taught me to enjoy what I currently do, I still have good memories; that I would otherwise, not have, For instance, playing in the woods with friends and cousins and building tunnels in the hay. Those adventures, were times, some children never get to experience.

Business has been an important subject for a very long time. This was brought about by always trying to make a few extra dollars here and there. These experiences, led me to others, and now here I am typing this. I now have my own, small office computer network, along with communication services. This would include my Web Site developing services as well.

After having a real “job” the understanding of working towards a future career became more important. While this is my current goal, my items of interest would include Family, Friends, and Church. Entertainment and relaxation would involve these three items, along with computer gaming, and TV.

Blessings, Joseph Barnhart