Will we Have Spring This Year?


Some have questioned if we will have spring at all this year. However these are a good
indication the weather is finally getting warmer. For those who are tired of the mini winter Ice-Ages we’ve been having these are a welcome sign of a more tropical climate on the way. Please
ask if you would like to use this photo. 





Heartbleed – Change Those Passwords


Security is everything online. With the recent Heartbleed situation one thing you can do is change your passwords. Start by making a list of the websites that you have accounts with.

If you have not yet I suggest you grab a new notebook and letter every other page from A to Z. On the page it corresponds with write down your email or account screen name. Next write down your new password. It is also better not to write down what the site is for better physical security.

Passwords are key to helping keep your account safe. Personally I suggest this approach. Try passphrases. a word combination along with at-least one number.  For the sites that you frequently visit more often try something that may associate with the type of site in random way.

Now that you have made your list and if you are going to do this right away do not save it. Start by making up a new password for each website as you go along. Write it down after you have changed it in that account.

Also make sure to have at-least two email accounts. One should be your primary and the other a secondary. When changing your passwords and if you have not yet do this. Add both emails to every account that you have whenever possible. This way if you ever lose access to one email and you need to update a password or retrieve it from an important account. You then have a secondary email account for that website to send a password retrieve link or information. Make sure any email accounts you have use the same method. This acts as a better failsafe for always being able to access any account you may have online.

By now you may have thought of other websites you have accounts with. Go ahead and add them to that list. In making a list I suggest using something like notepad. It is preferred in not attracting extra code from the note making software when you copy and paste. That may not make much sense for an average web use but as a web developer I have learned what does or not work. Hopefully from that you won’t have to be frustrated quite as  much wondering why your copy and paste does not work.

Even the best typers are going to make mistakes. By typing a new password under each website you can simply do that once then copy and paste into each form field on the website. This insures that you have an accurate duplicate each time saving you time in the long run.

Once your done and have written down each password or passphrase go ahead and remove each of those from the list. Don’t remove the websites. I encourage you to save that list after having done so for future reference. You should always change your passwords every so often. Think of it as part of your spring cleaning for your computer experience.


Vegas Movie Studio 11 Deletes Project File and What to do About it


Quick tip! I thought I was a goner after Vegas Movie Studio 11 says project can not be found. That is using the project link from Win 7 start menu. I check auto save which is not an option.
I check the render folder for the physical Vegas project file. Not there. Hmm…? Let’s do a search within the render folder. It finds a file name.vf and file name.fv.bak.  I open the .vf file from file open and thankfully it loads. I quickly re save to get an associated Vegas project file of vf.tmp. Wheeew when I thought all was lost and had no idea how that happened. Hopefully this will save someone future grief.

Dream Big – Visit Space!

For as long as there has been Creation men have looked to the heavens only to be amazed at what they saw and were unable to reach. Now even with the current Space Age and the Shuttle program ending after 30 years where and what and how next? Up there has been somewhat interesting to me as I remember laying out under the stars watching a meteor shower and occasionally listening to the count down of one of the Space Shuttle missions on the radio. On this same list is hearing my mom tell about watching the moon landing while in High School.

After being interested in Video Production and observing new ways of doing things via online video this made me more interested in trying some of these for myself. One of which is going to Space! Perhaps not in a literal sense but as a few others have tried sending a camera or camcorder to the very edge of Space and filming the whole process. Here is the beginnings of this hopefully new adventure and pre test flight as is usually a good idea with such ventures. As a humorous NASA video states in a British voice over accent you just can’t go all Willy Nilly and send up things to Space. It’s just not that simple and a lot of detail and thought go into it even in trying such a more simple task which isn’t as mine. Anyhow here is the first pre test attempt for you to enjoy.


Yahoo Spam Filter Sucks

yahoo brokenFor the past few months and longer Yahoo has done nothing to block certain types of spam. An example might be “From” Jackson Taylor – “Subject Line” GetcHEpdadobeSoftwrEnOw.
Attention Yahoo!!! There are other plenty of better free-mail services out there including Gmail that actually does a lot better job of blocking such obvious spam. So much so, in fact, that I am wondering if your either in on it or purposely ignoring it or both.

Ether way it is enough a pain the rear that thoughts of switching my main account to another is more and more frequent. Don’t count on me paying for your extra annual service because too put it simply if
thee free so badly why would I. Unless this gets situated in the next month or more BYE BYE!!!

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Catching Up

Well I suppose a lot has happened since June of last year and even prior too that. Around that time possibly, or even longer,  I acquired the lovely Canon Vixia HF100 Camcorder for my video recording needs. After weeks of research, comments by actual users, footage previews, and now hands on testing myself, I have concluded that it is the best in its class. It is perfect for almost any size of project and especially for the Documentary I am currently working on – of my Granddads history.

As for my network, it has expanded to a total of 38Ghz, with more to be added in the near future. Per my plans, I should have a minimum of 5 or 6 dual cores and my main AMD Quad Core. On a side note my main network backbone and gaming systems are all running on gigabyte LAN.This is a must have for transferring large files. Below is a more recent video of these in action on a LAN Party I held.

Beepin MagicJack

magicJack_20USB For those who are not aware of the cheapest Voip option available, browse over to the MagicJack site. Voip, by the way, is basically a phone line over your broadband Internet connection.

After the first year Magic Jack is only $20 a year. You get the whole works…unlimited outbound calling, an inbound number, caller id and voicemail. Even with the latest trouble of the bleepin beeps – its a steal. This short little blog post is in hopes that it creates more attention to the problem and they will get around to fixing it sooner.

Basically, whenever you call someone with the MagicJack, they or you hear what sounds like keystrokes, quite frequently. Highly annoying yes, but may be a good way to get those certain people not too call and talk for so long as it usually is the inbound callers that hear it. Perhaps its the Government monitoring the calls. So nice of them to let us know! Either way, its to the success of MagicJack’s future, that they do fix the problem quickly.

Driving us to Twittering


Easter is coming up and with your friends hiding eggs on your profile Facebook decided to get in on the game. If eggs could have smell online, which they eventually will, the one they did not hide so well on ours – smells quite bad.
Ever since the new layout my friends there are mentioning they do not like the new at all. In fact, I noticed one has already signed up for twitter and more are soon to follow.

What is Facebook thinking? Making more money with the current design, or keeping twitter from stealing their thunder as the old saying goes? First it was the terms and conditions and now this. If they do not switch back to the previous layout, my predictions are, they will soon start noticing less traffic and more account deletions.

As I am into several different categories of interest e.g. Web Development, Radio Station, and then my “friends”, I am trying to decide if multiple twitter accounts are best or just one. Not sure if I want the one group to see the related topics of the other. I do not want to turn off the one, from twitters to the other, and so on.

As a Web Developer and a user I ask, why not place add sense off to the right as we do not like how the side bar is currently. We would not mind seeing humorous video ads per related interest categories at the top of this section as well. This would take care of financial concerns – if any. I, for one, also do not mind seeing an occasional public opinion poll or questionnaire on the main stream or wall.

For some reason people like seeing their own status as we once could, “Joseph is done posting a new – no to Face book blog”. Perhaps it is an ego thing but whatever, – put it back. Put all of it back, or prepare to die a very slow and painful death!

USDA Inspections – Hire a Monkey Instead

MonkeyCleaning Ever see a monkey cleaning another’s hair? I for one would concur that a monkey could and would do a better job than the average government inspection procedure.

For those who do not understand how such things work, please allow me to indulge myself. You see, after the recent salmonella problem here in Georgia and Texas, I was not at all surprised that something like this happened.

Here is out it works. In my situation, they come out once a year, to “inspect” the apartments where I live. That was supposed to have happened here this past week.

They let management know ahead of time when they are coming out. Then management sometimes let the “tenants” know the day prior that they will be entering units “at random”.

Management, of course, is then in a tizzy rushing around trying to make sure that the outside of the units are presentable, especially. They usually know from past experience what to expect.

The USDA Inspector has not entered my place one time, of all the past 5 years I have been here. They usually go into the one or two units every single time and the same ones every year. As for this year I do not know about the others aside my own from being asleep at the time. Yes I would know had they entered – just ask my brother who was here.

To top it off, the Inspection agency has an office next town, over which is where they come from, as far as I understand. This means that the owners/management probably know them quite well.

Perhaps now you’re beginning to understand how such things can happen with the peanut butter recalls. First and foremost the government is making a huge mistake in notifying others when they will be there. Next they send folks who probably know each other very well.

In conclusion, it is usually a matter for the owners of the location, whatever the business may be, if they care about what they do. They would then, of course, strive at all times to do the best they can to maintain quality, regardless of inspectors. This overview will conclude that the government is as much at fault as those who make own, manage, or work at individual locations.