Well nothing happening today and nothing tonight as expected. Guess I need to make myself clean house it looks awful. Normally is not in this state of decline. Not a very good day. I wouldnt mind it if it were Monday already. Going to be interesting to watch the Republican convention on the news if it doesnt interupt my movie time. They have some very interesting guest to speak lined up. Well mostly just watched tv today so far dunno what from now on until 8pm movie time. Guess this is all for now might make a phone call and go check the stove. 5:30pm EST.

Welcome back.

Hello just got done talking to my mom on the phone. Going to be at there place tomorrow for supper as we southern country folks call it. Talked to a good friend of mine for about an hour and also chatted with a few online ones. Well the guy in Iraq did a good service to his country getting those terrorist out of the shrine. Only think I am worried about is all those other people coming to that city. Might be kind of Harry scary for our troops if something should happen. (I cant spell sometime so please ignore it lol). Don’t know what I am going to do now. I need to go find a forum for my links page so you guys can post comments on my articles. . Please make sure to visit my site and vote for it if you happen to visit this post from elsewhere. Any comments and suggestions are always welcome. I should go visit Lynda and learn some more tutorials on adobe. Well I guess that all for now you can IM me on yahoo as docquesting and msn . I am out of here.