Facebook & Add Block Plus Filter Issues

Prior to the last few days Facebook worked as it should. Recently features do not function properly and pages load way too slow or not at all. Are they growing too fast or what?

First along these lines… gone is the post button  on the wall when you first log in. It is on your profile, however. Is this normal? 

Next the chat feature does not work as it should in Firefox although at this time it may be due to the most recent Add Block Plus plugin. “If you do not have it get it as it may save you the trouble of being infected from online adds.”

This is only a very quick observation about the sites loss of quality. My suggestion? Add more servers and network capacity. It really destroys the joy of using the service. We really do not want to go back to MySpace.

One last note and if not already in place it should be. Tools to check various profile load speeds around various parts of the country and the world. These should be tested using other servers aside from Facebook.


After checking several things I am not sure what to think. Both IE 6 and 8 and also Firefox seem to have trouble. Chrome and Opera work as they should with the site. This means that it rules out add block plus on Firefox partially and as IE also has trouble. It could be a browser and site problem both. 


My apologies to Facebook. It appears to be the first filter selection that users can select in the Add Block Plus plugin.
After uninstalling and reinstalling and selecting a different one it FB seems to act more normally. Further testing is required but this seems to conclude the matter. Folks this is how you debug issues.

Excuses we all Have Them

Most times people know you care about them by how you relate to them. For example, taking the time to call, or visit, or go to an event. This shows the true character of friendship.

I would be the first to admit that I use my social phobia as my main excuse for such things. I really do hate large crowds. I probably would tell you that I would not take a million cash at times to go.

For the most part, in my situation, that is true. Being the geek that I am, I feel uncomfortable being away from the PC. But is that really a good excuse?

It is a fact, that the more such types, or anyone else, are out in public the better the situation and the more likely they are to go the next time. Compare it to a baby taking its first steps.

But then what am I saying? Take the first step. Get off Facebook and just go, quit texting and make a call instead. After all it is the little things that matter in life.

My Ole Free PC Is Finally Toast

Loaned the ole freebie out which taught me something about doing such things. Make sure to set regulations for borrowed systems. After all, your friend is lucky to know you and be able to use one of yours while theirs is being worked on.

Anyhow, when I got it back, it would not boot to bios. Power supply was ok memory ok as far as I know. I tested through all the usual debugging steps with no success.

Oh well – now it has been totally dismantled for the parts. Manufacturers need to quit using old parts such as memory thus driving up the prices. After all newer memory is faster and sometimes cheaper.

Well it’s getting to be another late night. Waiting on my iso to burn and listing to my Pandora Petra station. What a life.

Google Maps Street View – Can We Say Spy Tool?

Mr-THa! Look what I found. Mr T, my next door neighbor taking his daily walk along our street. The best I can tell is the Google Street View vehicle drove through my town about this, “that is, right before Christmas,” time of last year.

It was simply amazing to me to find they actually took the time to drive through my little city, much less, my street. I feel privileged, as after checking a bigger city like Winchester, VA which seemed to not have been driven through yet.

Google Street View is a good way to waste time and liven up those oh so boredom moments. As posted above and below you never know what you might notice or can expect. There has been some very unusual sightings as seen below.

In all seriousness check out the best of Google Street View sightings.

Social Networks and Online Security

It is time I wrote about “how to keep your facebook notifications private”. I recently found out that any Superpoke or other fun item you sent to a “friend” was posted for all to see and did not like it.

After doing some research I found these options which should allow you to keep those private. In the new facebook layout click settings top right. Next click application settings. Then you click the app you want to change the settings on. Here you are able to remove any app you do not want also.

Now after testing your choices with a select few friends you can now send that “poke” you do not want everyone noticing. Here are a few other security items of interest.

Never use your real birthday in your account. Choose a fake one that you can remember for every online account. It can, however, be the same year and possibly day, but never the month. I would also suggest not using your middle name. The less the public knows the better.

Oh and if you’re a missionary, and have been in a country like China, avoid social network sites like the plague. If you must use email or the phone figure out a general type of communication before you leave. You risk not only your life but others as well before and after the fact.

A No Go for ATT

Well they finally did it, my worst fear, putting a CAP on my service that I have been more than impressed with. Now it really is time to go shopping for another provider or switch back to Earthlink.

My suggestion to ATT is, do not do it. Instead implement technology that can detect which customers are using P2P often. Generally these would be the culprits using more bandwidth that eats it up for the rest of us legitimate users Starting monitoring these and find out what the chances may be of them doing file sharing, watching TV online, and or using VOIP.

As for me I have been wanting an excuse to ditch ATT altogether. Unfortunately I am limited in my options. However I suggest to the rest of you notify them you do not like it and may switch. It is that important as we are going backwards and not forwards. Did you know in countries like South Korea connections of 100mbs are common?  

Starting Over Again

I am once again starting to read the Word again through in a year. According to my calculations, I need to read an average of 4.5 pages daily, to finish around this time next year. I challenge each of you to do the the same. Regardless of how busy everyone is, you should be able to take 30 minutes out of 24 hours to spend time with your Creator. The best thing is to figure out is, what works best for you and stick to it. Do your best to make up for lost reading times as well.

Better Than YouTube

Now there is GodTube. If you, like I, get tired of all the non Christian video there is to watch and want something different – check it out. Where is all the better quality free videos we should be able to watch online? Christian organizations should wake up and understand the possibilities by offering better free content online. Here is an example of what GodTube has to offer. Rejoice, be encouraged, and share it with others.

Reading the Bible Through

Is something to brag about. Ever since I received the Truth back in 2000 I have read the Bible through every year. Today I just finished going through it once again. Quite a few have read it through at least once in their life but what about 8 years or more? This year I used the King James version (The Reese Chronological Bible). While I do not totally agree with the layout out the experience was very worthwhile and an interesting change from the normal version. 

Thanks to my mom for blessing me with such wonderful life changing gift. (I am currently listening to a song "Somebody is Praying me Through") While we have our disagreements as to what might be the correct way,. I know she still cares, and does pray. Regardless we do have interesting discussions at times.

Do yourself a favor and make the purchase. The Reese Chronological Bible is a worthwhile addition to your library.  As a side note, I for myself only read the King James version. Regardless of what others say it still the most accurate version from way back when. If your in an argumentative mood I tend to take the following verse very seriously.

Revelations 22:18
For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Deut 10:12
And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul,
To keep the commandments of the LORD, and his statutes, which I command thee this day for thy good?

Test The SanDisk m230

SanDisk Sansa m230 512 MB MP3 Player (Blue)My brother wanted me to get him an mp3 recorder. After some research, this led me to understand that the sandisk m230 was the best option. I may get one myself and use it for podcasting. Who wants the extra clutter of a microphone laying around on your desk?

I run my own radio station and preview songs for it. This means I need to be overly picky about quality. I have listened to an ipod and yes ipod fans are going to hate me for this, but the sandisk player is way better. I was impressed with everything from recording, to mp3 playback, to the fm radio tuner, and the headphones. It also included a usb dongle, all for around $22 with free shipping from Gearxs.

Here are the recording stats for your future reference. (32kbps recording at 4:25 the total file size was 1.03mb). The out put was in .wav format but you can convert to mp3 using a free online conversion tool like I did. As you can see the 512mb version he got is good for 35 hours of recording "if" I did the math right. Aside from my own, not so great of voice, here is a live preview of a sample recording. Note that I did use Media Convert to switch over to mp3 format. However, I think the quality is still the same. Nothing more or less than the original.

Oh, and as a geek, I have to brag that this file is self hosted on my own personal network and web server at my location.