Hi, Welcome to my support page. I may from time to time offer my tech support
services to a select few people. Its those instances where you simply don’t quite
have the skill to setup your computer for the task at hand. If you’ve reached this
page from a referral you know what I am talking about so I won’t go into details.
Just know that I am here for you.

This is a limited time only offer for fellow LO operators. Here is the deal.
For $35 you have my undivided attention in getting your (windows 10 only )
system up and running with LO. I will also throw in a money back guarantee.
If I can’t help I’ll refund you $25 of that initial fee so you’d only be out $10.
$5 of that goes towards keeping me awake while helping you – gota have the
Java and $5 to the person that refereed you. The goal is obviously getting you
up and running.

What I won’t do:

#1  Install Windows 10 for you. – You Must have Windows 10 up and running.
#2 I won’t do chat based support. Its rarely beneficial for you or myself.

What I will do:

#1 Spend the time needed to get your situation resolved.
#2 Phone and remote login to provide a service just as if I was sitting right next to you.

Are you ready – Have Windows 10 ready for configuration? Lets get this order started.
Paypal only: Do make sure to include the name of the person who refereed you.

Support for LO Contact

Please note I may require as much as 48 hours to get your system up and running not counting delays in either parties schedule including related communication delays. I won’t take responsibility for things outside my control.

Please go ahead and click this checkout button to complete your order and to insure your problem gets resolved faster.